Monday, 25 September 2017

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What kind of mindset do you have? GROWTH MINDSET V. FIXED MINDSET

Election day vocabulary

  1. Democracy - it is a system of the government by the whole population

  1. Electorate - the people who are allowed to vote

  1. Member of parliament - they sit on seats, ask questions and try prove their point

  1. Political parties - An organised group of people (New Zealand first, ACT New Zealand, United future, etc)

  1. Women's suffrage - the rights for a women to vote. It is important to New Zealand because kate shepherd was an New zealander and she was the first one to let women vote. New Zealand was the first country to let women vote.

  1. Polling booth - a compartment where you vote

  1. Returning officer - the person that announces the results

  1. Campaign - when you work to reach a goal.

  1. Caucus - a group of people who discuss a particular issue

  1. List-mp - when you are elected for a party

  1. Opposition - people who are against you

  1. MMP - Mixed Member porpotion

  1. Who can vote - 18 or over, resident and citizen . who can’t vote - under 18, not citizens, not residents