Sunday, 10 September 2017

Lucius Pizza's - Recipies - Writing

Haley’s Lucious Pizza’s

  • Pre-made pizza base (1)
  • Pizza paste/Tomatoe paste (enough to spread around base/Pre-made)
  • Tomatoes (as much as you want/Pre-cut)
  • Cheese (as much as you want)
  • Fresh herbs (Handful, cut)
  • Mushrooms (Finely cut)
  • Capsicum (Handful, Pre-chopped)
  • Olives (Handful, Pre-chopped)

  • Pizza Cutter
  • Butter knife
  • Oven
  • Cheese shredder
  • Pizza tray
  • Knife
  • Oven mitts
  • Cooking spray

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 270c
  2. Get your Pre-made Pizza base out of the package
  3. Spread your Pre-made pizza paste over your Pizza base with your butter knife
  4. Then add the fresh herbs, Mushrooms, and Tomatoes all over your Pizza
  5. Then shred your cheese with your shredder
  6. Spray your Pizza tray with your cooking spray
  7. Then place your pizza in the oven (be careful the oven may be hot)
  8. Turn your oven on for 15-20min
  9. Carefully take your Pizza out of the oven with your oven mitts
  10. Slice your pizza with your pizza cutter
  11. ENJOY
  • Make sure to have adult supervision
  • Oven would be hot/make sure not to get burnt
  • Add extra toppings if needed

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Poetry Booklet - WALT- Identify different types of poetry

Cinderella Twisted - Writing - WALT-Edit a narrative for clarity

Cinderella Twisted

Once upon a time, far far away in a frigid town, lived a dazzling girl. She lived with 3 egotistical step-sisters. They were envious about Cinderella’s beauty. One afternoon Cinderella was cleaning the dusty fireplace after her brutal step-sisters had finished using it. Cinderella thought that her step-sisters had gone back to their luxurious rooms, when suddenly the fireplace turned on. The step-sisters had done it. They tip-toed back to thier room as soon as Cinderella turned her head around. Immediatly Cinderella’s dress was on fire. Cinderella instantly fell on the rug in shock. Soon after, Prince Charming was dashing through the wintery town, Cinderella could hear him huffing and puffing as he walked up the stairs to the cottage. He saw fire in the corner of his eye, he promptly got jugs of water to pour over Cinderella. After 6 jugs of water, Cinderella was alive. She lived happily ever after.


Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Kids should have their own Olympics! - Speech 2017

Kids should have their own Olympics!
Do you want to become an honoured champion? Do you want to change history? It's never too late to start practising, all the outstanding champions from the Olympics started when they were kids. In the Olympics most of the Olympians are 19 or 20 so you guys are just 10 years off. But… imagine if you could go to the Olympics now!

Do you like watching the Olympics? I am 99.99% sure you don’t because the Olympians all have serious faces and are concentrated on winning. I know you want to win but they should laugh a bit. Because if they laugh we laugh, it’s a thing. But kids can tell jokes on the sidelines, and make funny faces and everyone watching at home would start laughing, even the cameraman.

Do you guys want to excel at your favourite sport? I bet you want to because excel means you improve at your sport and when you compete in the Olympics you will be better than everyone else because when you were a kid you already learned everything. You would become the best olympian ever! You would also win all the competitions. If you excel then everyone will know you, even people as far away as Spain, which is the  furthest country from New Zealand.

At school if you are not good at something you still want to have experiences. That's the same thing as the Olympics. If you have more experiences you will be better at that sport. I had experience at maths and that's why I am a math genius. Everyone has experience at something just like Rube Goldberg. He has experience at inventing and science. Since he had so much experience in science at an early age he has become world famous.

Overall I strongly believe that kids should have their own Olympics every 2 years. You may ask why every 2 years and not 4 years, well that's because we improve much faster than adults. If we had our own Olympics then everyone at home would watch it and would be more entertained. Also, if we have are own Olympics then we would excel at our sport and in the actual Olympics. You would also have a chance of winning. The last reason is you will have more experience and you will know what to do in the Olympics. Us kids must convince someone who has a lot of money to start a kids Olympics. Or we can get in contact with the CEO of the Olympics.

By: Haley Dave